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Shoulder Pain Treatment in Chesterfield

woman with shoulder painShoulder pain is a common ailment that can significantly impact your daily life. At Wahl Family Chiropractic, we approach this pain differently by focusing on the entire kinetic chain rather than merely treating the symptom. The kinetic chain is the interlinked system of joints, muscles, and ligaments that co-exist in your body and must work cooperatively for optimal functioning.

Taking a Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Wahl uses the Activator Technique and focuses on adjusting the affected shoulder and the connected areas such as the clavicle, scapula, and sometimes the elbow. Muscles attached at both ends of a joint can be affected, leading to constraints in the shoulder joint. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic treatment, relieving pain and restoring your shoulder’s natural range of movement.

Spine, Jaw, and Cranial Consideration

Our approach also values the interconnected nature of our bodies. We understand that the spine, the jaw, and the cranium can all influence the functionality of your shoulder, which ultimately results in the shoulder not feeling like it’s supposed to. Therefore, we ensure these areas are not overlooked during your treatment, providing a comprehensive healing solution.

A Focus on At-Home Active Therapies

We believe your healing journey should extend beyond our clinic. That’s why we pride ourselves on educating and empowering our patients through active therapies they can do at home. We’ll guide you through strengthening exercises specifically designed to strengthen the shoulder joint.

Advanced Care That Sets Us Apart

By addressing the entire kinetic chain and providing home strengthening exercises, we offer a unique approach to shoulder pain relief. Our ability to partner this with deep-tissue work on local muscle groups ensures a comprehensive healing process.

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