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Patient receiving chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Wahl describes chiropractic care as a form of natural healthcare that brings balance to the spine and body so it can better heal itself.

Without the use of drugs or surgery, we can fix issues in your muscular system, cranial system, and spinal system. It is all through the power of adjustments. Come to our Chesterfield office to discover for yourself!
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Dr. Wahl also does upper cervical, TMJ adjustments, and cranial work. Over the years, some specific patients have even used mechanical traction to jump-start their healing.

Track Your Improvement with Data

Typically, if you come to us in pain, we will have you come in and see us one to three times per week, depending on the severity of pain. Re-examinations occur every 30 days to objectively track improvement, while we track subjective complaints from you as a patient every week.

Using this data and comparing one exam to the next, Wahl Family Chiropractic has a system through which we can show percent improvement over time. While it depends on the patient, our goal is usually about 90 percent improvement.

Once you get out of pain, you will transition to wellness care, which looks different for every patient. The frequency of visits depends on what you, as a patient, need.

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