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Hip Pain Treatment in Chesterfield

woman sitting on couch holding hip in painHip pain can be a debilitating condition that significantly impacts your quality of life. From minor discomfort to severe pain, it can hinder your mobility, keep you from enjoying your favorite sports or activities, and affect your overall well-being. The complexity of the hip joint and its alignment with the sacroiliac joint, lower back, and leg muscles can make identifying the cause of your pain challenging.

Holistic Approach to Hip Pain

Our approach at Wahl Family Chiropractic to treating hip pain starts with a comprehensive examination to determine the root cause of your pain. Whether it’s a problem with the hip joint itself, sacroiliac joint, or even an issue that requires referral to a podiatrist, we aim to get a full understanding of your condition. To treat hip pain, Dr. Wahl uses various techniques such as a drop-table adjustment, Activator, hands-on muscle work, or a Diversified style adjustment.

Preemptive Care for Degenerative Hips

In cases of degenerative hip conditions, our goal is to prolong the need for surgery. While a patient may eventually need a full hip replacement, through our treatment, we can alleviate much of the pain and restore some motion back to the joint. This can delay the need for the hip replacement and in the grand scheme of things, the longer it is put off, the less likely you are to need another one in the future.

Restoring Pain-free Movement

Whether you’re dealing with functional hip pain or more severe conditions, our ultimate goal is to help you get out of pain and restore movement within the joint. We want to see you regain your mobility and get back to living life without the hindrance of hip pain.

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If you’re ready to take the first step toward a pain-free life, contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wahl. He’ll perform a comprehensive examination and craft a personalized treatment plan.



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