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Nutritional supplements

Nutritional Counseling in Chesterfield

To complement chiropractic adjustments, Wahl Family Chiropractic offers nutritional care for patients who want to take a holistic approach to natural healthcare. We can improve your healing process by providing essential nutrients that your body needs for optimal functioning.

Good nutrition is key to maintaining physical and mental vitality, especially if you want to use natural solutions rather than prescription medication. Supplements have the potential to serve as valuable complements to natural healing techniques like chiropractic adjustments at our practice.
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Nutrition in Action: How Does It Work?

Dr. Wahl will run you through muscle response testing to determine your body’s reaction to certain vitamin supplements or Chinese herbs. He will then assign you supplements that can work for you in bridging nutritional gaps or addressing specific health needs for your body.

We have various products available from many reputable companies, selling mostly whole food supplements instead of fragmented vitamins. Beyond being more natural, we find it can even be more effective in speeding up and improving healing.

Here’s Why Patients Look to Nutrition

Many of the chiropractic patients who decide to get our nutrition care do so because of issues beyond back or extremity pain. They are experiencing additional symptoms like digestive issues or mood disturbances. Sleep disorders commonly lead people to our nutrition care as well.

We consider these symptoms alongside your musculoskeletal conditions and lifestyle, tailoring recommendations accordingly. You will receive the personalized approach with nutrition that we guarantee across all our services.

Give Your Health a Boost Today

We would love to care for you at Wahl Family Chiropractic. Our phone number is monitored 24/7, so call anytime. While we don’t do walk-ins at our office in Chesterfield, same-day appointments are possible.

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