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New Patients at Wahl Family Chiropractic

Wahl Family Chiropractic front deskWhen you come to Wahl Family Chiropractic, we want to get to know you first and determine why you are seeking our help. If you are experiencing pain, how is it affecting your life? What types of care have you tried in the past? We determine the answers to these questions and more during our two-visit onboarding process for new patients.

Uncover the Full Picture with Comprehensive Evaluations

Patients leave their first visits at Wahl Family Chiropractic feeling confident in our thorough job evaluating their health. We complete a digital postural evaluation on the first visit, as well as orthopedic tests and a spinal examination, which checks for postural muscle tone, range of motion, and inflammation along the spine.
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In your hour-long first visit, you will also do a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Wahl. We aim to gain all the information we need to get you started on a care plan that will work.

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Initiating Care: Your Path to Health and Well-Being

The next part of the onboarding process happens on your second visit as you review a report of findings with Dr. Wahl. We can then begin care right away with your first adjustment.

The second visit, which overall takes about an hour, will also include a time when we teach you exercises you can do at home that will aid in healing.

Smart Ways to Prepare and Pay

Before your first visit, please complete the new patient paperwork we send via email. Try to arrive a few minutes early, so we can ensure everything is in order and get you right in. We ask that you wear clothes that are comfortable, but nothing too loose, like a skirt or dress.

Wahl Family Chiropractic accepts insurance for auto accidents and workers’ comp cases, and patients can use health savings accounts or take advantage of military discounts and our wellness plans. All credit or debit cards are accepted, but they add a small processing fee for all transactions.

Ready to Elevate Your Well-being?

You don’t have to settle for so-so health. Set up your first appointment with us today!


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