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Welcome to Wahl Family Chiropractic


Welcome to Wahl Family Chiropractic.  Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families in Chesterfield, Mo and the St. Louis area by providing Principled Chiropractic care.  There are two truths regarding your body and health: We are self-healing organisms and the nervous system controls and coordinates everything including how we feel and how we heal.  

If you find yourself feeling less than great in any way Chiropractic can probably help.  Chiropractic research is showing that because the nervous system controls and coordinates every system of the body when you re-align the spine (correct Vertebral Subluxations) you are allowing it to work better.  When you help the nervous system work better the results are nothing less than miraculous.  

The true value of Chiropractic is the role it plays in pro-active and preventative healthcare.  In our current healthcare system the vast majority of people are waiting until they are sick, feel bad, have pain, or diseased before they treat the problem.  That is why about 6 out of 10 people take a prescription every day.  The problem with this approach is that medicine is designed to treat or mask symptoms and just manage diseases.  

A wise man once said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  That couldn't be truer today.  Research is showing that the more you work to be pro-active or preventative the less likely you are to get sick and diseased.  Chiropractic is uniquely equipped to help people work to prevent problems before they start by allowing the body to self-heal.    

Since our mission is to help improve as many lives as possible we are breaking down as many barriers as we possibly can to allow everyone to experience the life they were truly designed to live.  We have affordable monthly payments, we accept most insurance carriers, work with a discount company for those with inadequate or no insurance, and we still offer our Honor Fee System for those that are in financial need.    

If you are new to seeing a Chiropractor and want to find out more, please email us or call (314) 681-8388 to receive personalized answers to your questions from our friendly team.  Dr. Wahl considers everyone who comes into his office a part of his family so he makes himself available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by phone and email.  We care so much about you that we go above and beyond!


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Meet Dr. Aaron Wahl


Dr. Aaron Wahl is a Chesterfield chiropractor who serves Chesterfield, MO and the surrounding communities in St. Louis. .

Dr. Wahl appreciates that the power that made our bodies also has the same innate ability to heal it.  Your body is so amazing that it can heal from a cut, broken bone, torn muscle, infection or most other things that life throws at us.  Bottom line is our bodies are made to self-heal.  If yours in not you need to look at what is interfering with that ability.  

Dr. Wahl is a 2004 Graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic.  He has also earned his Masters in Sport Science and Rehabilitation and a Bachelors in Human Biology.  He has a Diplomate with the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals, a Pediatric Certificate, a Neurodiagnostic Imaging Certificate, and a Brain and Spine MRI/CT Interpretation Certificate.

Dr. Wahl is currently the District 1 President for the Missouri State Chiropractors Association.    

If you have any questions about our Chesterfield chiropractor, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Wahl Family Chiropractic, please call us at 314-681-8388 today!

Thank you and God Bless!


What is a Subluxation?


When you come to our office our only objective is to locate and correct Vertebral Subluxations, also known as Spinal Subluxations or Subluxations.  

Subluxations are misalignments of the bones in the spine that interfere and/or pinch the nerves and their nerve impulses.  These impulses, or signals, go to every muscle, cell, organ, and system of the body and are responsible for the healthy function and healing of everything that is your body.  

Current research is showing that many of the diseases that plague us, the autoimmune disorders that are destroying people from the inside out, the pain disorders that result in millions of people taking medications, the allergies to our own food and environment, and the mental disorders that are destroying families may be due to a miscommunication within the nerve system.  


A major cause of this miscommunication is a Subluxation and that Subluxation can occur at anytime from just about anything.  Unfortunately, it will usually happen and can progress for many years without warning signs and symptoms.   Chiropractic doesn’t look to change the body by adding something to it; Chiropractic looks to improve the body by removing the major interference to HEALTH AND HEALING.  

The time is now for you to take that step forward and learn more about Subluxations.

Call today to schedule your evaluation.    


Start living a healthy life!

“Vital information travels from the brain and spinal cord to all of the parts of the body. But, not only does information travel down the nerve, but at the same time information from the peripheral parts of the body is being sent back to the brain and spinal cord. When this information is interfered with, a problem arises in the body.”
— Daniel J. Murphy, DC: Spinal Biomechanics, Harrison, 1992, p.366

Have you been looking for a chiropractor in Chesterfield?  God has guided you to the right place. 

What we do here is very Unique and Different.  

It is what we do here that allows us to get results when no other offices can. 

At Wahl Family Chiropractic, we look to unlock your God-Given health potential.  We are here when you are ready to start your amazing journey back to a healthier and happier body. 



"I am in my mid-forties and had never been to a chiropractor before. In fact, I never really trusted chiropractors or the concept. However, I had developed a severe pain in my lower back that ran all the way down my leg to my ankle. This was a similar pain to one I felt as a teenager playing football in high school. It was very painful and I could not function normally. After hearing presentations by Dr. Aaron Wahl, I gained trust in the chiropractic process and felt that Dr. Wahl might be able to help me. After only a few visits, I was feeling much less pain and well on my way to functioning normally. I have continued with regular treatments now for several months and feel great. I now believe in the chiropractic methods and process and will continue my regular adjustments. I feel fortunate to have met Dr. Wahl and to have been educated in the chiropractic methods and process." - E.D.

"Our infant son was not a happy baby.  He was having difficulty digesting and sleeping.  Dr. Aaron worked to calm his digestion and relax him through the back and neck.  Within 3 weeks we have seen great improvement.  He sleeps better, eats better, and is generally much happier than he was a month ago." - A.S.

"Dr Aaron is wonderful. Within a matter of a few weeks I felt 100 times better with less pain, better sleep, and overall feeling “well.”  Thank you for taking care of me." - A.B.

"For sometime now, I have been having neck pain. At work, I have been stressing out from the pain I have been going through. So, one day, someone told me I should go to a chiropractor to help me with my pain. So, I went to Dr. Aaron Wahl to help with my pain. At first, I was not sure it would work. Dr. Wahl told me it will help not only with my pain, but also with my stress. Now, going into two weeks with Dr. Wahl’s help, most of the pain and stress went away. I would let others know that going to a chiropractor will help you in many ways." - G.B.

"Over the last several months I had been waking up with pain in my lower and middle back.  It became pretty severe and I started not being able to sleep.  After seeing Dr. Aaron for 6 weeks I wake up with no pain in my back.  My day starts off better and I am able to be at my best.  I now can truly appreciate the benefits of preventative health care." - J.M.

"I have been seeing Dr. Wahl for over a year and look forward to appointments.  Why is this?   Because I always feel better after adjustments!  Be a believer in chiropractic.  It definitely works." - J.A.

"My daughter was born on 12/26/07.  When she was 2 weeks old she became very gassy and had reflux issues.  She was crying and screaming from 6pm-11pm every night and clearly in pain.  She showed the signs of reflux: arching her back, spitting up, crying more when she was lying on her back.  Dr. Aaron started treating Rachael when she was about 4 weeks old.  After the very treatment, we noticed a huge difference.  That night, she didn’t cry at all and we had a very quiet night.  My husband came home that night and actually noticed that she wasn’t hysterically crying.  I told him that Dr. Aaron met with her and he supported me taking her back.  I brought her to the pediatrician before seeing Dr. Aaron and I got medication for her reflux.  I am not a proponent of giving newborns medicine, but was desperate to help my daughter who was clearly in pain.  Dr. Aaron saved our daughter from taking the medicine.  He helped to make our baby girls quality of life much better." - L.H.

"I came to see Dr. Aaron after the new year with several pinched nerves.  I could barely breathe and walk!  I discovered I had lower back and neck problems.  My treatment has been for 3 months and I feel like I haven’t for 20 years.  I feel like a new person and following my exercises and diet I feel I’ll have a long and healthy life.  The best part, I haven’t used pain pills, headache meds or muscle relaxants.  I never thought this was possible.  I’ve got more treatments, but I feel in the end I’ll be my best!  Thanks!" - M.M.

"I woke up this morning and realized my fall sinus and allergy issues aren’t NEARLY as bad as what they’ve been over the past few years.  The difference I think are the chiropractic sessions.  My neck doesn’t feel out of alignment.  Those sinus headaches were DEBILITATING.  This year I haven’t been hopped up on pseudoephedrine to get relief.  Also my wrist pains have gone away and I don’t have to ward any compression things to work.  So carpal tunnel symptoms have gone away.  Since I have been getting regular chiropractic, I have been feeling SO MUCH BETTER.  Thank you Dr. Wahl!" - N.W.

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Wahl Family Chiropractic is located at Chesterfield Parkway and Elbridge Payne Rd right behind PF Chang's Restaurant.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Chesterfield chiropractor, call (314) 681-8388 today!  Dr. Aaron Wahl is a chiropractor serving Chesterfield and the surrounding communities.


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