“Dr. Wahl helped me through my pregnancy and now my whole family goes…”


Dr. Wahl is an incredible chiropractor and person. We go to him weekly (he has a very affordable monthly family rate), and always feel welcome!…” read more

Ish Ahmed

“EVERYBODY should go to the Chiropractor!” 



I knew nothing about Chiropractic prior to seeing Dr. Wahl. He was great at answering all the questions I had before….” read more

Emily Anderson

"Dr. Wahl keeps me feeling great and that's why I keep coming back."



I can't say enough about Dr. Wahl. I first started coming to him in October 2013 after I hurt my back and barely could walk. After a few visits, I didn't need to use a cain...….” read more

Vince Mahtani

“Helped my scoliosis and back pain that I had for years…


Dr. Wahl is a great Chiropractor with a great philosophy.” read more

Hemal L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good things to know before you come in.

What about insurance?

If you have insurance we will gladly check your coverage. We find most people will save money using our discount program, especially when they choose one of our affordable monthly options.

You can start saving now by booking a $47 New Patient Visit (normally $200).

What are your normal fees?

1st Visit = $250 (includes consult, exam, and adjustment)
Adjustment = $75
Re-examination = $250

We partner with ChiroHealth USA for those that are un-insured or under insured to offer discounted rates and affordable monthly fees. This program can be used no matter what insurance you have.

1st Visit = $99
Adjustments = $40
Re-examinations = $50

Available monthly plans starting at $100

Who will work on me?

Dr. Aaron Wahl has been a Chiropractor in Chesterfield since 2013 and in practice since 2005. He will manage every aspect of your care so you are guaranteed to get Dr. Wahl’s hands every time visit.

Read more about Dr. Wahl here.

Can I get adjusted on Day 1?

As long as you need an adjustment and we don’t find any reason not to adjust.

Why no appointments?

We empower our patients by giving our recommendation and allowing them to drop in when it is convenient. No more worry about missed appointments or getting those calls wondering why you are late! We love offering a stress-free environment.

We even have an awesome kids area where you the kids can draw or play. YOU will LOVE this!

What's a regular visit like?

After your first two appointments you only need to make an appointment if we are doing a re-evaluation. Otherwise you can walk-in during our open adjusting hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

You can easily be seen quickly on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will rarely have to wait longer than 10-minutes to see the doctor.

Do you push vitamins?

Our main objective when you come to our office is Chiropractic. You will notice right away when you walk through the door that there are no vitamins, supplements, gels, oils, or pillows out for sale

Will I have to come forever?

We do have a large percentage of patients that choose to come back for wellness spinal checks because they understand the benefit of having a nervous system that is functioning at its best. That does not mean we force anyone to fit within this model of care.

We will show you what your options are and YOU get to choose what YOU want.