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Meet Chesterfield Chiropractor Dr. Aaron


I became a Chiropractor because of the profound effect it had on my life. At age 15, I started seeing a Chiropractor after a neck injury while wrestling. My neck pain resolved and I was back to wrestling in a few weeks. That was amazing to me because I was better and I didn’t have to take anything.
My mom kept bringing me back because I was very active in sports and she wanted to be proactive at keeping me healthier. This resulted in all kinds of health problems resolving. I had chronic digestive issues for years that resolved. I stopped getting sick all of the time which meant I stopped having to regularly take antibiotics and antifungals. I was able to process information better which resulted in me going from a remedial student to one that excelled into accelerated and advanced placement classes.
You were designed to be healthy, happy, and productive. I want to help you and your family be the healthiest, happiest, best versions that you can be. LIVE BETTER!

If you are new to seeing a Chiropractor and want to find out more, please email us or call (314) 681-8388 to receive personalized answers to your questions from our friendly team.  Dr. Wahl considers everyone who comes into his office a part of his family so he makes himself available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by phone and email.  We care so much about you that we go above and beyond!


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