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Improve Brain Function!

[1] Lelic, D, Niazi, IK, Holt, K, Jochumsen, M, Dremstrup, K, Yielder, P, Murphy, B, Drewes, A and Haavik, H (2016), “Manipulation of dysfunctional spinal joints affects sensorimotor integration in the pre-frontal cortex: A brain source localization study,” Neural Plasticity, Volume 2016

In this study, lead author Heidi Haavik has demonstrated that Chiropractic Adjustments of spinal joints will have a positive impact on the brain.  In practice, I have seen some amazing things improve and resolve following an adjustment that had absolutely nothing to do with the patient's pain but rather "symptoms" of a body not expressing life to its fullest - Colic, ADHD, Balance, Coordination, Strength, Poor Immune Function, Digestive Issues, and so much more.

This research shows that when we adjust the spine, we significantly increase activity in the prefrontal cortex which is where higher learning and cognition occur.  The increase in activity is “by almost 20% on average."

Dr. Haavik goes on to explain:

“An effect on the function of the prefrontal cortex could explain many previous research results, such as improvements in sensorimotor function relevant to falls-prevention; better joint-position sense in both the upper limb and the lower limb; improved muscle strength in lower limb muscles; better pelvic floor control; and better ability to carry out mental rotation of objects.”


This research suggests that Chiropractic Adjusting can improve behavior, decision-making, memory, attention, intelligence, pain processing, emotional response, organ function, muscle control, eye movements, and spatial awareness.  So, every time you get adjusted not only do you have a huge effect on the brain but you will also have a positive effect on the whole body!

Since this study looked at people who were asymptomatic, no current pains or illnesses, we can conclude that CHIROPRACTIC BENEFITS EVERYONE EVEN IF THEY DON'T FEEL BAD!

This is why I recommend people get their spines checked on a regular basis.  Your brain can be working at a lower capacity, negatively affecting the body, and you can be totally unaware of it!

Chiropractic is Safe.  Chiropractic is Effective.

Live Better!

Dr. Aaron Wahl

Great Trails for the Family


WHAT: Rated as the “Most Scenic Hike in the Metro St. Louis Area,” the Lewis and Clark Trail is a 7.4 mile loop (moderate lewith a beautiful view of the Missouri River and limestone bluffs.

WHERE: Weldon Spring Conservation Area, on Highway 94 west of Highway 40


LOCAL REVIEW: “It’s a 2-mile walk to the Missouri River bluffs overlook, which is awesome and would probably take less than an hour with kids. You could go back the way you came or continue on the Clark trail about 3 more miles back to the trailhead. The Lewis section adds about 3-4 more miles so I wouldn’t suggest that with kids.” 
- Aaron C.


WHAT: This trail features the state park’s most spectacular views, including a forested hillside and stunning views of the Meramec River Valley more than 200 feet below.

WHERE: Castlewood State Park (Ballwin, MO)


LOCAL REVIEW: “ I have taken both of my kids on the 3-mile loop out at Castlewood Scenic River Trail. You just have to keep your eye on them at the top of the bluff. It is a little challenging but my daughter does it without complaint. Grotpeter is a good trail out there, too. No Bluffs. Rolling Hills through the woods. 
- Anna T.


WHAT: One of the best places in the area to take your curious kids to see wildlife, including deer! There are several paved trails, including a quarter-mile trail that is great for very young children and strollers.

WHERE: 11715 Cragwold Road, Kirkwood



WHAT: Does your family enjoy biking? The Rock Hollow Trail is a paved trail surrounded by nice scenic views. The 4.6-mile round-trip ride is downhill from the trailhead to the Meramec River, and uphill heading back.

WHERE: Wildwood. Manchester Road to Old State Road, south to Ridge Road, east a quarter mile to the entrance.


I hope you can get out on the trails!

Chiropractic is Safe.  Chiropractic is Effective.  

Live Better!

Dr. Aaron Wahl

Low Back Pain

asian woman - back.jpeg

Did you know Low Back Pain is the most common cause of disability in this country?

It has gotten so bad in the country that it is resulting 149 million lost days of work and $200-300 Billion of money with 2/3 of that in lost wages and time at work every single year. 


I find this trend rather disturbing since Chiropractic, time and again, has been proven to be a safe form of care and the most effective form of care for back pain.  

Not every case of low back pain can be resolved with Chiropractic adjustments but the vast majority will resolve.  My conservative guesstimate would be 80+% of all back pain cases, regardless of age will get better by getting regular Chiropractic adjustments of the spine.  I make this estimate based upon the fact that in 12+ years of practice, I have only had a handful of cases that did not get better.  

This is great news for you because that means there is a very conservative approach to care that doesn't involve giving you drugs or cutting you open...AND IT HAS A REALLY HIGH SUCCESS RATE.  

The high success rate lies in the fundamental law that our bodies have an innate ability to self-heal.  Chiropractic understands this fundamental law and works to free the body of anything that may interfere.  

When you have a symptom, like low back pain, that isn't resolving on its own then your inner alarm should be going off.  It should be going off because something is interfering with your ability to self-heal and that is why you have a pain that keeps coming back or doesn't ever go away.   In fact, your problem will never go away and will get worse if you don't figure out the cause of interference.  

Chiropractors have been so successful at helping people with pain because we are experts at finding interference.  We find the areas of interference in the spine, called Vertebral Subluxations, and adjust them so that the nervous system functions better.  When the nervous system can function better it can heal better and that results in a body that expresses less pain (i.e. less low back pain) and more life.  Who doesn't want that?

We now know there are 4 things that happen every time your spine receives an adjustment:

  1. You Breath Better
  2. You Digest Food Better
  3. You Sleep Better
  4. You Have More Energy

Doesn't it make sense that if you are functioning better like that after each adjustment then it is just a matter of time before you feel better?

The more regular you are with Chiropractic adjustments the more likely you are to heal and the more likely you are to see your low back pain go away.  

If you are having low back pain or just want to be as healthy as you possibly can you must know the status of your spinal health.  

We use the following to find out how healthy the spine is right now:

  1. A digital postural evaluation
  2. Functional muscle testing called Applied Kinesiology
  3. A detailed exam of the spine
    1. spinal movement
    2. spinal muscles
    3. inflammation of the spine

Science has shown that a sick (unhealthy) spine results in a sick brain, which results in a sick body.  Give us a call today to get your spine checked:  314-681-8388.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Chiropractic is Safe.  Chiropractic is Effective.

Live Bett!

Dr. Aaron Wahl

Meet Dr. Aaron Wahl

Hey there!  

Check out this video that introduces me - Dr. Aaron Wahl, a Chiropractor in Chesterfield and Chiropractor for kids.


You Need to Know this about Car Accidents

Have you had a Car Accident in St. Louis or a Car Accident in Chesterfield?  Whether it is big or small there is important health information that you need to know!

We all understand that injuries can and usually occur after major car accidents but did you know that a car accident occurring where one vehicle is going as slow as 5 miles per hour can cause up to 7-10 G's of force on the head and neck resulting in whiplash and other injuries too AND there may not be any noticeable damage on the cars?  

Since the early 1990's cars and trucks have been made with stiffer and stronger frames to withstand impact better.  In fact, newer cars can withstand accidents with speeds of 10+ miles per hour and still not have any visible damage.  Great for the frame but bad for the body.  Because of this, you have a higher likelihood of having a whiplash effect.  That is when your head gets rocked back and forth quickly causing damage to your muscles and Subluxations of the spine.  

Subluxations, or the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, is what you should be most concerned with as you get older because it can occur without any pain or other symptoms occurring.  A Subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that will affect how the spine moves, how the muscles work, and how the nerves function AND CAN PRESENT WITHOUT ANY PAIN.  In fact, you can have a car accident and not feel any pain for weeks, months or years following and the damage to the spine can take a decade to be seen on x-ray.  That is why it is very important to go to a spine specialist like a Chiropractor to make sure nothing bad is underlying.  

Chiropractors are doctors trained to find out the health of the spine, what kind of damage may be present, and are the only physicians trained specifically to find out whether or not the Vertebral Subluxation Complex is present.  You do not have to have an attorney to work with a Chiropractor following an accident AND most Chiropractors will even work with the car insurance company responsible using funds set aside specifically to pay for any necessary consultations, exams, or treatment needed because of the accident.  

If you are looking for a Chiropractor in St. Louis or a Chiropractor in Chesterfield we are a great place to start.  You can contact us anytime if you need a resource regarding car accidents or care needed following an accident.  

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Chiropractic is Safe.  Chiropractic is Effective.

Live Better!

Dr. Aaron Wahl

Principled Chiropractor | Family Wellness Expert


Hello All!

Welcome to Health Links!  This is a blog started by myself, Dr. Aaron Wahl, with these purposes:

To help as many individuals and families learn how they can lead a life with as little of a need for medications and surgeries as possible.  

To help individuals and families understand the basic links in our health that when even one becomes weak will cause their whole chain to break.  

A weak and broken chain will result in weak and broken health.  

I would first like to give you some history on my life.  I was raised in a traditional medically-oriented family with doctors in many generations of my family.  I had my vaccines and took medications every time I felt bad or was "sick".  Around the age of 6, I was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and was put on high doses of Ritalin.  I was sick regularly with ear infections, chest colds, sinus infections, and other typical "illnesses" and I was medicated every single time.  In fact, I was medicated so much that I started to develop digestive issues that would cause me to not be able to release my bowels for long periods of time and resulted is such terrible stomach pains that I could hardly walk.  I was a regular at the nurse's office for many of these issues.  I even started high school in basic and remedial level courses because it was thought that I might have a learning disability or a maybe even be of lower intelligence.  

Just before high school, my parents went through what I can only refer to as a health care awakening.  My younger sister (10 years younger) was failing to thrive at the age of 3 and with nothing left but hope they went and visited the Mayo Clinic.  It was there that they were introduced to research that was occurring at The University of Chicago regarding Celiac Disease.  This research saved my sister's life and changed the course of my life forever.  

Through their scary and amazing journey to save my sister's life they were introduced to Chiropractic and Nutrition as the way to get the body to heal itself.  This was not how I learned what I now understand to be the truth about health and healing.   That comes later in the story.  In fact, I kind of resented the gross "bread" that was introduced into my diet but it really did save my sister's life.  

Part of my ADHD was an abundance of energy so my parents put me into wrestling at a young age.  I continued wrestling in high school and excelled as a varsity starter and lettered 3 of my 4 years.  It was during my Freshman year that I slammed on the back of my head and neck and was injured.  My mom took me to the Chiropractor because of her recent positive experience and within a couple weeks, I was back to wrestling without any residual neck pain.  

This was a very profound experience for me because up to that point in my life I had never had a problem that didn't involve a drug as a solution.  I didn't think a lot of it at the time except that it was pretty cool that I was able to get better without taking a medication.  When I look back on that moment I realize now that was the point where my whole life changed.  My Chiropractor recommended to my Mom that she keep bringing me back for maintenance adjustments to keep my spine aligned and me as healing as best a possible.  My health history over the next 4 years changed dramatically.  I stopped getting sick all of the time, stopped having to take antibiotics several times per year, and I stopped having the terrible digestive issues I was having.  I even started to excel at school.  I finished high school in all accelerated and advanced placement classes starting college with AP Calculus credits.  While I was in college my parents recommended I shadow our Chiropractor and through this experience, I decided this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life...even without having my epiphany yet.  

It was at Logan College of Chiropractic that the lighbulb went off.  I realized while taking neurology classes and discussing the effects the Chiorpractic Adjustment has on the nervous system. It was in these classes that I was able to piece together that by removing the Subluxations, mis-alignments of the spinal bones, I was allowing my nerves to work better which resulted in my body working better.  The longer my body was able to heal better the healthier I got.  That was now my truth!  Chiropractic was not about pain but rather a foundational health link that allowed my health chain to be stronger and without it, my chain breaks eventually.  It is the foundation of which our health resides.  You can eat great and exercise a lot but if your nerve system cannot manage the stress and toll of life you are not going to be as healthy as you can be.  That was an amazing epiphany that I have dedicated my life.   

I have taken this truth in health and healing and am raising two children, with my wife, that haven't had shots and haven't had antibiotics and have developed into beings that are far more advanced - physically, emotionally, and cognitively than myself or my wife were when we were their ages.  That is what I want for my community - A healthier, happier, more productive community.      

We do not have a medicine cabinet we have a vitamin cabinet.  My kids were adjusted at birth and continue to be checked every week.  They were breastfed for the greater part of their first year of life and then were put on a vitamin regimen after they weaned from breast milk.  They were given Chinese herbs when their body expressed symptoms and were allowed to fever and rest so their bodies' could become stronger.  

I KNOW how to raise a family without the rampant use of medications and I want that for each of you reading this message.  That being said, I am not anti-medicine.  There is a place and time for medicine and it is in the emergency realm.  My daughter broke her arm and got a cast.  I had a skin infection that started to spread and went on antibiotics when it became apparent that I was in an emergency situation.  But that doesn't change that your body is amazing and more powerful than you are being led to believe.  Here you will receive some basic tools needed to build a healthier you and a healthier family.  

I hope you enjoy reading and learning while I share with you what I have learned over my 12 years in practice and 4 years of Chiropractic school. 

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I wish you the best and want you to know that you can reach out to me anytime.  I will always make time to answer your questions to the best of my ability.  

Live Better!

Dr. Aaron Wahl

Principled Chiropractor | Family Wellness Expert