Low Back Pain

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Did you know Low Back Pain is the most common cause of disability in this country?

It has gotten so bad in the country that it is resulting 149 million lost days of work and $200-300 Billion of money with 2/3 of that in lost wages and time at work every single year. 


I find this trend rather disturbing since Chiropractic, time and again, has been proven to be a safe form of care and the most effective form of care for back pain.  

Not every case of low back pain can be resolved with Chiropractic adjustments but the vast majority will resolve.  My conservative guesstimate would be 80+% of all back pain cases, regardless of age will get better by getting regular Chiropractic adjustments of the spine.  I make this estimate based upon the fact that in 12+ years of practice, I have only had a handful of cases that did not get better.  

This is great news for you because that means there is a very conservative approach to care that doesn't involve giving you drugs or cutting you open...AND IT HAS A REALLY HIGH SUCCESS RATE.  

The high success rate lies in the fundamental law that our bodies have an innate ability to self-heal.  Chiropractic understands this fundamental law and works to free the body of anything that may interfere.  

When you have a symptom, like low back pain, that isn't resolving on its own then your inner alarm should be going off.  It should be going off because something is interfering with your ability to self-heal and that is why you have a pain that keeps coming back or doesn't ever go away.   In fact, your problem will never go away and will get worse if you don't figure out the cause of interference.  

Chiropractors have been so successful at helping people with pain because we are experts at finding interference.  We find the areas of interference in the spine, called Vertebral Subluxations, and adjust them so that the nervous system functions better.  When the nervous system can function better it can heal better and that results in a body that expresses less pain (i.e. less low back pain) and more life.  Who doesn't want that?

We now know there are 4 things that happen every time your spine receives an adjustment:

  1. You Breath Better
  2. You Digest Food Better
  3. You Sleep Better
  4. You Have More Energy

Doesn't it make sense that if you are functioning better like that after each adjustment then it is just a matter of time before you feel better?

The more regular you are with Chiropractic adjustments the more likely you are to heal and the more likely you are to see your low back pain go away.  

If you are having low back pain or just want to be as healthy as you possibly can you must know the status of your spinal health.  

We use the following to find out how healthy the spine is right now:

  1. A digital postural evaluation
  2. Functional muscle testing called Applied Kinesiology
  3. A detailed exam of the spine
    1. spinal movement
    2. spinal muscles
    3. inflammation of the spine

Science has shown that a sick (unhealthy) spine results in a sick brain, which results in a sick body.  Give us a call today to get your spine checked:  314-681-8388.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Chiropractic is Safe.  Chiropractic is Effective.

Live Bett!

Dr. Aaron Wahl