Promise vs Potential


Sometimes I think Chiropractors are over-promising their patients and other times I feel like they are understating the value that Chiropractic care offers.  This blog post tries to help you understand the difference between the Promise of Chiropractic care versus the Potential of Chiropractic care.  

The Promise in Chiropractic is simple...the Potential is HUGE!

The Promise: Our body always works better when it is clear and connected to the nervous system. The brain and body communicate constantly using the nervous system. 

When the spine is Subluxated, spinal bones are misaligned, the effect is a body and brain that are no longer communicating properly.  This means your body doesn't function like it is supposed to, goes into a state of Dis-Ease, and a lowered health potential results.  A body in a state of Dis-Ease is a body that is breaking down and over time that can result in symptoms, illnesses, and diseases.   

The Potential: When people come to our office we check for these Subluxations, not because we want to treat a specific problem, but because we understand the negative effect the Subluxation has on how our body functions.  By removing the Subluxation and restoring function the body has the potential to heal from everything! 

That doesn't mean you will heal from every single problem.  Please remember, We Do Not Treat anything either.  That being said, if you are Subluxated and we correct that Subluxation AND continue to keep you clear of Subluxations, all of your problems have the POTENTIAL to resolve.  We know this, because we have seen this.  Check our testimonials, reviews, and videos to see for yourself.