4 Common Health Complaints That Chiropractors Can Help Resolve Without Drugs

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Between 1997 and 2016, the number of prescriptions filled by Americans increased by 85 percent. In 2016, Americans filled about 4.5 trillion prescriptions compared to 2.4 trillion in 1997.

The unhealthy reliance on prescription medications has put a lot of patients in harm's way. Luckily, you don't have to take drugs to help solve many common ailments. Instead, you can turn to chiropractic adjustments for common health complaints.

Tension Headaches and Migraines

A number of triggers, including bright lights and certain foods, can cause you to have a tension headache or a migraine.  Many headaches, however, don't have specific triggers. Unfortunately, this makes it nearly impossible for you to avoid the stimuli and activities that make it more likely for you to have a headache.

Visiting a chiropractor gives you an opportunity to avoid tension headaches and migraines before you begin to feel pain. Chiropractors help prevent tension headaches and migraines by adjusting your spine to bring it back into better alignment, taking pressure off the nerves and muscles in the head and neck.  This relieves that stress in your neck and back. By reducing the tension in your neck, you may find that you have headaches less frequently. Some people who visit their Chiropractors regularly find that their headaches disappear.

When you visit your Chiropractor, ask for advice that can help you avoid headaches. He or she may suggest ways that you can stretch your muscles, reduce stress and improve your posture on top of checking your spine for Subluxations, or spinal misalignments.

Back Pain

About 31 million Americans suffer from low-back pain at any given moment. Half of working Americans say that they experience back pain at least once per year. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people to miss work.

For some people, back pain makes life difficult. Others can feel disabled by the pain they feel. Chiropractors can use spinal manipulation to help resolve this common problem. In fact, some studies show that spinal manipulation is the most effective option for people with low-back pain.

When it comes to treating back pain, medical doctors usually give their patients poor advice. Nearly 40 percent of doctors prescribe painkillers to treat back pain. Considering the damage that opioid addiction has caused in recent years, it makes sense for you to choose a SAFE SPINAL ADJUSTMENTS instead of taking dangerous drugs.

High Blood Pressure

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 33 percent (75 million) of American adults have high blood pressure. The condition puts people at risk for strokes and heart disease.

Drug companies manufacture numerous drugs that can help control high blood pressure. Chiropractic, however, offers help that doesn't rely on daily medication.

Researchers have known for more than a decade that a chiropractic adjustment can lower high blood pressure. In a 2007 study, doctors used chiropractic adjustments on 25 patients with early-stage high blood pressure. An additional 25 patients received a fake adjustment as a placebo.

The patients who got the real adjustment saw significant improvements in their blood pressures. Using X-rays, the researchers discovered that the spinal adjustment realigned the top vertebra of the spine. Patients that received the sham adjustment didn't have realigned vertebra.


Insomnia plagues one out of three people at some point in their lives. The condition can lead to depression, anxiety, poor concentration and even falling asleep while driving.

Doctors typically prescribe benzodiazepines like Ambien to treat insomnia. Benzodiazepines have been linked to serious health problems, including cognitive impairment, increased risk of hip fractures and addiction.

Chiropractic adjustments offer a natural, drug-free approach to insomnia. Adjustments often work because they decrease the pain that prevents many people from falling asleep at night. Some researchers also believe that improving spinal and neck alignment makes it easier for the brain to produce chemicals that are essential for regulating sleep.

Before you turn to drugs to help resolve a common health complaint, talk to your chiropractor about natural solutions. You may find that you can reduce or eliminate the problem without taking medications that can put your health at risk.