The Truth about the Flu

The "Flu season" has come along and again people are getting sick!  We understand that the flu is a virus that is spread through the air.  We know that when people get "sick," they have these common symptoms:

  1. Fever
  2. Chills
  3. A Sore Throat
  4. A Runny Nose
  5. Muscle/Body Aches
  6. Headaches
  7. Fatigue
  8. Vomiting and Diarrhea - usually in kids

We know all of this, and yet we still are asking all of the wrong questions.  We need to stop asking why are these people getting sick with the flu and start asking WHY ARE THERE PEOPLE NOT GETTING SICK WHEN EXPOSED TO THE FLU.  

The germ theory is just that - A Theory.  It cannot be proven because germs don't cause disease and illness.  Weak immune responses are what cause disease and illness.  Our bodies have a diverse mix of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that work in harmony WITH OUR BODY.  They are there to help us function and heal.   

You see, our bodies are designed to heal from the inside out and it happens because the nervous system is in control telling each and every part how and when.  We have natural responses when this system gets out of balance which is what we call getting sick.  Getting sick is actually just our body's natural mechanism to bring balance and health.  

Our jobs should be to figure out what is causing the body to get out of balance so much that it needs to get sick.  YOU SHOULD NOT BE GETTING SICK EVERY YEAR! 

Here is what I recommend if you are one of those people who gets sick every year:

  1. Remove Nerve Interference - Subluxations, minor spinal misalignments, interfere with nerves disrupting brain and body communication.  This is the first place to start when looking to bring balance and health.
  2. Rest - The body heals when you sleep so get as much sleep as possible.
  3. Drink Fluids - With the increase in body temperature the body burns a lot of water and we get dehydrated.  If vomiting is involved take small sips of water and an electrolyte drink that has sugar.  This will help.
  4. Don't Eat - Food can be a stressor on the body when we are sick.  Let the body do its thing to heal and then refuel with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  5. Decrease Sugar - Change your diet so that you can reduce stress on the body 

You are designed to work in harmony with the earth.  If you are less than healthy, have to take medications regularly, don't feel good, don't have energy, or have been diagnosed with a disease you should seek the help of a Principled Chiropractor.  

We understand that the body is designed to heal itself and can help you get your LIFE back.

Want more Information?  Check out these studies:

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Chiropractic is Safe.  Chiropractic is Effective.  

Live Blessed!

Dr. Aaron Wahl | Principled Chiropractor