You Need to Know this about Car Accidents

Have you had a Car Accident in St. Louis or a Car Accident in Chesterfield?  Whether it is big or small there is important health information that you need to know!

We all understand that injuries can and usually occur after major car accidents but did you know that a car accident occurring where one vehicle is going as slow as 5 miles per hour can cause up to 7-10 G's of force on the head and neck resulting in whiplash and other injuries too AND there may not be any noticeable damage on the cars?  

Since the early 1990's cars and trucks have been made with stiffer and stronger frames to withstand impact better.  In fact, newer cars can withstand accidents with speeds of 10+ miles per hour and still not have any visible damage.  Great for the frame but bad for the body.  Because of this, you have a higher likelihood of having a whiplash effect.  That is when your head gets rocked back and forth quickly causing damage to your muscles and Subluxations of the spine.  

Subluxations, or the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, is what you should be most concerned with as you get older because it can occur without any pain or other symptoms occurring.  A Subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that will affect how the spine moves, how the muscles work, and how the nerves function AND CAN PRESENT WITHOUT ANY PAIN.  In fact, you can have a car accident and not feel any pain for weeks, months or years following and the damage to the spine can take a decade to be seen on x-ray.  That is why it is very important to go to a spine specialist like a Chiropractor to make sure nothing bad is underlying.  

Chiropractors are doctors trained to find out the health of the spine, what kind of damage may be present, and are the only physicians trained specifically to find out whether or not the Vertebral Subluxation Complex is present.  You do not have to have an attorney to work with a Chiropractor following an accident AND most Chiropractors will even work with the car insurance company responsible using funds set aside specifically to pay for any necessary consultations, exams, or treatment needed because of the accident.  

If you are looking for a Chiropractor in St. Louis or a Chiropractor in Chesterfield we are a great place to start.  You can contact us anytime if you need a resource regarding car accidents or care needed following an accident.  

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